Our licensed LKV real estate is able to sell your property or help you find one.
Meet with our real estate, design and building team!

If you want to buy a property, we could visit the property with you. Our designer can give you some ideas on how it could be best adapted to your needs. Our building team would give you an estimate of the renovations costs needed. That way you can make an informed offer knowing what would be the price of the upcoming changes in the property.

If you want to sell, then our real estate, design and styling team would come up with a plan in order to renovate or just style your property to make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

That way the property sells quicker and at a higher price!

The best part, you only pay us once the property is sold!

Renovating an apartment or house?


Case Study

Are you a seller?

Our licensed LKV real estate is able to sell your property or help you find one. 

Findeko LKV will make a free initial visit with the head designer, its renovation counterpart and our licensed LKV real estate broker to determine the best strategy to sell your flat quickly and at the best possible price.

Are you a buyer?

Contact us and we will help you find the perfect home for you and also help you understand the possible costs of renovations of your new home to transform it in order to perfectly fit your needs.

Safety, Efficiency and Professionalism

Findeko Group combines interior design, LKV Real Estate Broker and a Professional Renovation Team in order to ensure that you will sell or buy your property in the most secure way possible.
Let's renovate.

Let’s Get in Touch

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