Our team has multiple years of experience in improving the value of private residences. 
Whether you want a key in hand project or be more involved in your renovation, do not hesitate to contact us.  Our designer and building team will meet with you to discuss your project.

Years of experience in flat renovation ensure that we can provide you with the right answers for your needs.

We have builders, plumbers and electricians working for us so that you can sit back and let us bring your dreams to life.

Findeko remontointi oy now offers also a new service: 
Asbestos removal and testing.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Renovating your home?


Project 1

Project 1

Case Study

A Findeko renovated apartment in Töölö 

We have a team of carpenters, tile layers, painter and builders that can take on any renovation needed in the home.

A client approached Findeko LKV to sell their apartment in Töölö, Helsinki. Findeko then did an initial free evaluation visit and soon came to realize that by doing a relatively extensive renovation, they could dramatically increase the value of the flat. 

Renovation in Progress

The renovation then took place and two weeks after finishing it, Findeko managed to sell the flat at a significantly higher price.

We have Vesieriste (VTT) certification as well as asbestos certification.

Increased Profits on Sale

We see a project thru from A to Z in order to deliver the best quality in the most efficient way.

End result: a seller with a higher net profit and a buyer very satisfied with a beautifully renovated flat.
Let's renovate.

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